Niki Wallace Design is a boutique design studio offering a broad range of creative services throughout Australia and overseas

nwd is an Adelaide based boutique graphic design studio that develops creative idea-focused design solutions for a variety of businesses across Australia and Asia Pacific, let us put our thinking hats on for you too!

At Niki Wallace Design we are in the business of ideas; those ideas underpin every design we create. Our design solutions span both print and digital mediums, and you can trust that we will develop the right systems for you to use to communicate with your audience. We offer a broad range of creative services to our clients, including: ideas keep us awake at night teasing us with their potential brilliance and there’s nothing more exciting than ideas that work so it goes without saying niki wallace design loves ideas

• graphic design
• web design
• branding
• illustration
• multimedia
• photography
• copywriting
• copy editing
• creative writing
• strategic communication

so basically, we make ideas...

We can't tell you how we do it, but we can tell you that we believe good ideas are at the heart of good communication. Our ideas come to us at all hours of the day or night - sometimes when we least expect it, so we make sure when inspiration hits we take notice!

and then...

We really get cracking! We know that resolving an idea is just as important as creating one, and our project management process ensures we implement creative, successful and polished end-solutions, that are focused and on-brand. We use a strategic approach to design - your brand's voice is unique and we like to make sure it stays that way.

We believe that communication works best by engaging your audience, and nothing is more engaging than really good ideas that are presented beautifully! We don’t like to talk at people; we prefer to communicate with them. When your audience is part of the conversation, your brand has more resonance, and in business terms this translates to more sales, more referals and more success.

By investing time into each of our ideas, we can ensure that they are strategically focused, so that your project gets the results that you're looking for. It's this focused approach that ensures your project not only looks great, but that it resonates with its audience.


Good ideas are at the core of good design, once you have a good idea there's no end to what can be done.





about nwd

In 2006 an idea was born; an idea that there could be a design studio that communicated effectively across multiple mediums whilst keeping things simple for clients; an idea that this studio could focus on ideas that led to meaningful design solutions; an idea that this studio could operate sustainably, creating solutions for clients that we could all feel good about; an idea of a studio that had geniune passion for design. In 2007 this idea came to life, and Niki Wallace Design opened for business.

For the past 7 years nwd has designed solutions for clients spanning both web and print media. Our focus on ideas helps us create informed solutions with strategic direction and a creative approach.

who are we anyway?

Niki Wallace, Boss Lady

Over the past 15 years Niki has worked in design for both web and print media, with a range of clients spanning large corporate organisations through to the little guys that need a bit of extra help! Niki's expertise in ideas and branding guides the strategic direction for your project, while her background in art, design and writing ensures a creative end-outcome.

A research interest in sustainable design has led her to work with many clients with an environmental focus and in turn she has developed this same sustainable focus within her own business model. Niki also teaches at UniSA, where she lectures in graphic design and web design, and is a tutor in foundation studio, focussing on idea generation and diverse executions.

Brett Hosking, Ideas Trampoline

Brett's eye for detail and creative approach make him an incredibly valuable ideas trampoline! Boasting 12 years experience in illustration, his linework has been the start point for many successful design solutions.


nwd clients

We work with a range of clients from national broadcasters to local government, to small business and young startups. We aren’t fussed if you are big or small, what’s important to us is that you are passionate about what you do and that you genuinely want to communicate with your audience. Our design aesthetic is always tailored to specific clients and projects, but our approach remains consistent - to design meaningful idea-based solutions that engage their audience.

some of the clients we work with include:

nwd clients

you probably want to know what do we do for them...

Our clients all have different needs, so our solutions are always unique. Our to-do list usually includes a combination of logos, websites, reports, publications, signage, comics, photography, brochures, community engagement collateral, posters, presentations, e-newsletters, e-magazines, brochures, brand strategy, business stationery, copywriting, advertising, exhibition booth graphics, and branding.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your business needs, whether you are big or small, corporate or crazy, we design solutions that are tailored to your needs.



so how's about a souvenir?

The team at Niki Wallace Design works hard and we play hard too! We keep our creative pencils sharp by crafting up stuff for ourselves, and every now and then we make stuff that we reckon is cool enough to flog off online!

want your own copy?


"Don't touch the office sponge"
hard-cover sponge-bound book



"Don't touch the office sponge" soft-cover book





Illustrations from the book are also available as prints on Saxton Smooth 200gsm. Pick your own size!

Contact for further info/sizes/cost etc


not so new(s) flash

Niki Wallace's Don't touch the office sponge was voted #2 in the August '10 edition of Desktop mag! Yah! It's not really news, but we'll keep it on here for as long as we think we can honestly get away with it!!



say howdy to our friendly team!

We're a pretty cool bunch, so please feel free to call us for a chat about your project. We're always looking for excuses to come up with new ideas!

You can reach us on M: 0402106667 or why not email us to enquire about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Whether your business is big or small, corporate or crazy, we design solutions that are tailored to your needs.